Digital tech and environmental governance

For the past several years I’ve been working on a major new initiative on digital technologies and environmental governance. Currently I’m collaborating with UNEP and a number of other international organizations on a “digital ecosystem for Earth”. We’ve published a series of articles on Medium exploring potential for globalized digital environmental governance.

Our first article sets out priorities for global environmental governance to “go digital.” Despite the numerous potential pitfalls, we believe that we are at a pivotal moment in history: mobilizing the tools of the Digital Age to address our most pressing environmental threats will be critical for ensuring a more sustainable future. We’re keen on engaging a broad range of views, so we have framed our article with a question: “Are these the 20 top priorities for a digital ecosystem for Earth in 2020?”

Our second article calls on public, private, civil society and international actors to take deliberate action and collaborate to enable a global digital ecosystem for the planet, mobilizing infrastructure, software, and data analytics to generate real-time insights that can power the structural transformations needed to achieve sustainable development goals. We highlight 20 of the most important international processes that are moving the ?digital ecosystem for Earth? ahead in 2020.

Download a document containing all of our UNEP-UBC co-authored articles below.