Teaching & Advising

Graduate Supervision

Prospective graduate students are very welcome to get in touch. I currently supervise students in Geography and in UBC’s interdisciplinary environmental studies program (RMES) at the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability. Information on some of my current students is available here.


I teach three courses (and between 200 and 250 students) per year, on a range of environmental, resource management, and sustainability issues:

Environment and Sustainability: At over 200 students per year, the largest undergraduate course on sustainability at UBC.

Environmental Sustainability: A graduate course taught to students in both the natural and social sciences, focusing on debates over the socio-economic and philosophical aspects of sustainability.

Water: Management, Policy & Practice: A research and writing-intensive seminar in which students debate some of the world’s most pressing water management issues, focusing on alternative economic pathways for sustainable development.

Political Ecology A graduate course surveying cutting-edge research across several disciplines.