Eau Canada: The future of Canada’s water (2007)

Eau Canada: The future of Canada’s water (2007)

As the sustainability of our natural resources is increasingly questioned, Canadians remain stubbornly convinced of the unassailability of our water. Mounting evidence suggests, however, that Canadian water is under threat. Eau Canada assembles the country’s top water experts to discuss our most pressing water issues. Perspectives from a broad range of thinkers – geographers, environmental lawyers, former government officials, aquatic and political scientists, and economists – reflect the diversity of concerns in water management. Arguing that weak governance is at the heart of Canada’s water problems, this timely book identifies our key failings, explores debates over jurisdiction, transboundary waters, exports, and privatization, and maps out solutions for protecting our most important resource. View here.

Connie Delisle, Strategic Advisor, Policy Research Initiative, Government of Canada

— "The volume skillfully brings together the perspective form 28 of Canada’s top water experts who debate Canada’ most critical water issues and resolutions … The public at large, the academic community, water supply managers, environmental and water policy analysts, government officials, community groups and politicians from across Canada will find this book a high-quality read … The resulting product gives the interested by non-technical reader a straightforward tool for use in understanding the insidious and complex problems plaguing water governance in Canada. "