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Water-energy landscapes

Over the past decade, the water-energy nexus (WEN) has emerged as a prominent framework with which to analyze and visualize interconnections between energy production, freshwater resources, and the hydrological cycle. The WEN is a fundamentally geographic concept embedded in landscapes. WEN analyses often include landscape visualizations, yet these are rarely conceptually rigorous; consequently, the visual-representational […]

Water Teachings: New e-book

Excited to announce we have just launched our new portal: waterteachings.com. Water Teachings presents teachings from scholars and community members who are working to protect and honour the water. This is a collaborative e-book project co-edited by Courtenay Crane and Karen Bakker; Courtenay began this project as the Media Manager for the Decolonizing Water Project at UBC (and is now […]

Digital tech and environmental governance

For the past several years Iíve been working on a major new initiative on digital technologies and environmental governance. Currently Iím collaborating with UNEP and a number of other international organizations on a Ďdigital ecosystem for Earthí. Weíve published a series of articles on Medium exploring potential for globalized digital environmental governance. Our first article […]

Smart Earth Project

How can the tools of the Information Age be used to solve the challenges of the Anthropocene? Iíve recently started a new project on tech innovation and environmental governance, focusing on the evolution of conservation in response to environmental sensing and emerging technologies.¬† Check out our open source article: Bakker, K. and M. Ritts. 2018. […]

NRC Council

Delighted to be named to Canadaís National Research Council/Conseil national de recherches Canada (NRC-CNRC). The NRC¬†is Canadaís largest federal government research and technology organization, overseen by the¬†Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development. The¬†NRC¬†is the primary national research and technology organization of the Government of Canada. The NRC Council reviews the strategic directions of the […]